Asia-Pacific Insurance Brokers Limited [APIB]


To provide more comprehensive services to our client in all areas of insurance and risk management, Asia-Pacific Insurance Brokers Limited [APIB] was established in 2004. While APRC will work with on all classes of Non-Life insurance, APIB will work on Life, Accident & Health Benefits for individual and Group Employee Benefits for corporate clients.


As the majority of our customer-base are corporate clients, APIB set our target to be HR Assistant in Employee Benefit Program. Our services also included claim administration and coordinate with insurers in claim handling to assure that our clients are covered as per their insured benefits. It is widely accepted that people are the most valuable resources so, APIB will support Human Resource Department in preventive healthcare promotion activities or training to improve the absence rate for companies and this will also enhance work-life-balance for employees.

Employee Benefit
The scope of our services covers the entire process of insurance arrangement for a business operation in aspect of Employee Benefits Insurance Scheme. It would include group Life, group Accidental Death and Dismemberment, group Total Permanent Disability, and group Medical insurance. Group insurance period is for 1 year from the commencement date of the policy and can be renewed year by year.