Product Liability Insurance

Product Liability

Product Liability covers liability arising as a result of the products of the Insured e.g. accident or illness caused by the use of the Insured’s products etc

Examples of Claim

According to the Asia Casualty Report, On 24 may 2014 in Malaysia, the Malaysian branch of a British multinational confectionery company recalled two batches of chocolate bars that were certified as halal and pork-free but contained traces of porcine DNA.

The results of the random checks conducted by health officials in February 2014 were available in May 2014 and leaked online before the parties concerned were informed. How the porcine DNA got into the chocolate is presently being investigated.

The incident caused the anger of several Muslim groups. One Malay activist group announced to sue the confectionery company.

Source: Channel NewsAsia, 29 May 2014