Risk Consulting
  • Risk Assessment
    We identify and quantify your risks, no matter they are simple or complex. This assessment can be limited to particular types of risks or it can be all embracing. It may feed directly into other work we are carrying out for you or it can be a discrete exercise. Our expertise means that we are qualified to assess risks in many areas, including: property and casualty, environmental, product, political, regulatory, project, and business.
  • Risk Control Services
    As well as designing a suitable risk control or risk management program for you, we can manage the program and we can execute it on your behalf. Involving us in the execution of the program can provide a quality check and can be a preferred solution where internal resources are not available.
  • Risk Strategy
    The risk strategy will be based upon consideration of the options available to deal with your risks. Most important, it will take into consideration your unique circumstance. It is at this stage that we will make proposals to you about the following, as appropriate: risk transfer mechanisms (including specific insurance products and retention levels), the use of captives, preferred forms of risk finance, the adoption of risk management processes, risk control measures that could be implemented, the potential to use performance related incentives and the strategy review process.
  • Ongoing Support Services
    Depending on your needs, we can support you through the provision of ongoing services. We offer policy documentation and processing services, claims management and administration, and international co-ordination services.
  • Program Design
    The most appropriate program design for your business could be a traditional property and casualty one. However, the right program for you could be multi-year / multi-risk, it could be either finite or blended or it could entail the use of capital markets. Our priority is to come up with a program that is right for you and we have a wealth of experience to ensure that we deliver a solution that will satisfy your needs.
  • Risk Transfer Transactions (including insurance broking)
    "Meeting your insurance needs" is one of our core strengths. Whether we are able to use a standard product or whether we need to create a completely customized transaction we can execute your risk transfer requirements. We have superior broking capabilities around the world; we can use our excellent market and underwriter relationships to negotiate on behalf of our customers, with special access to markets for the placing of risks.
  • Captive Insurance / Alternative Risk Financing
    Buying insurance is not the only method in handling risk exposures. In fact, it is the last method. In close cooperation with the Insurance Broking Network "BROKERSLINK", APRC offers advice on alternative risk financing, including the most popular method of captive insurance.